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RealtyMogul is a pioneering real estate investment platform that leverages technology to provide investors with access to vetted commercial real estate opportunities. The platform offers various investment options, including private placements, 1031 Exchange properties, and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), aiming to facilitate income generation, portfolio growth, and investment diversification through a user-friendly online interface.

Founded: 2012

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Realty Mogul Company Overview

Founded with the vision of democratizing access to real estate investing, RealtyMogul connects investors to high-quality real estate opportunities. The platform enables investment in private market offerings, including equity and debt investments in a range of commercial properties across the United States. Investors can choose from several types of investments such as private placements, 1031 exchanges suitable for deferring capital gains taxes, and two types of REITs—Income REIT and Growth REIT—each tailored to different investment goals. RealtyMogul’s rigorous due diligence process includes comprehensive reviews of property, sponsor, and business plans, ensuring a high level of transparency and security for its investors. The platform is facilitated by RM Securities, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, which underscores its compliance with financial regulations enhancing investor confidence. The user experience is central to RealtyMogul’s offering, featuring an online dashboard where investors can browse, perform due diligence, and monitor the performance of their investments. This tech-driven approach, combined with an expert team of real estate professionals, positions RealtyMogul as a leading player in the field of real estate crowdfunding. By providing detailed, transparent information and dedicated investor relations support, RealtyMogul aims to empower individual investors to make informed financial decisions that align with their investment goals and risk profiles, making it an attractive option for investors looking to diversify into real estate.

Management Team

Jilliene Helman CEO
Christopher Fraley Chief Investment Officer
Michael Schoellhammer Managing Director, Commercial Real Estate
Brian Sigler Managing Director, Investor Relations
Bill McKnight SVP, Marketing & Technology
Dustin Currie VP, Engineering
Ayla Nazli VP, Legal & Chief Compliance Officer
Aubrey Oesterle VP, Operations
Marco Allegro Controller

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