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Ramp is a comprehensive financial management platform that integrates spend management, corporate cards, and accounts payable solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging automation and real-time insights, Ramp aims to optimize financial operations, reduce manual processes, and achieve significant cost savings for its clients.

Founded: 2019

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Founded with a mission to simplify business finances, Ramp offers a powerful suite of tools designed to enhance the financial operations of startups, small businesses, mid-market companies, and enterprises alike. Central to its offerings are corporate cards that provide extensive controls and visibility into company spending. Ramp's corporate cards are complemented by robust expense management features, which automate expense reporting and employee spending controls, thus facilitating policy compliance and streamlined accounting processes. Ramp’s platform also extends to accounts payable and procurement management, ensuring efficient vendor payments and centralized procurement operations. This is augmented by capabilities in vendor management and working capital solutions, allowing businesses to optimize their cash flow and financial dealings with suppliers. Ramp integrates with several accounting systems and financial software, enabling seamless data synchronization and improved financial reporting. This integration helps in closing financial books faster and more accurately, reducing the scope for errors and enhancing compliance. The intelligence and reporting features of Ramp provide businesses with actionable insights into their spending patterns, helping identify cost-saving opportunities and prevent redundant expenditures. These features are crucial for companies looking to enforce budget discipline and improve financial decision-making. Ramp's commitment to innovation and ease of use has made it a preferred choice among modern finance teams and has garnered positive feedback for its user-centric design and responsive customer service. By automating many aspects of financial management, Ramp frees up company resources, allowing teams to focus on core business activities instead of financial administration. In terms of scalability, Ramp is built to grow with businesses, adapting to their expanding international needs and evolving financial strategies. This makes it a scalable solution for companies at different stages of growth, looking for efficient and cost-effective financial management tools.

Management Team

Eric Glyman CEO
Karim Atiyeh CTO
Gene Lee Chief Product Officer
Sam Buck Chief of Staff
Colin Kennedy Chief Business Officer
Kimia Hamidi Head of Savings

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