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Raise is an online marketplace that specializes in buying and selling gift cards. It offers a platform for users to purchase discounted gift cards from over 4,000 brands or sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. The service aims to provide a secure and convenient way for consumers to save on everyday purchases and manage their gift card funds more effectively.

Founded: 2013

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Founded in 2013 by George Bousis, Raise emerged as a digital solution to the billions of dollars in unused gift cards circulating in the U.S. economy. The Chicago-based company provides a user-friendly platform where individuals can sell gift cards for cash and buy discounted gift cards to use at a wide range of retailers, both online and in-store. The key product of Raise is its marketplace for gift cards, which supports a vast array of brands ranging from major retail chains to small local businesses. The platform is designed with a strong emphasis on security and user experience, offering features such as user verification, electronic delivery of gift cards, and a one-year money-back guarantee for buyers. Raise.com integrates various user-friendly tools such as the mobile app, which allows users to buy, sell, and organize their gift cards directly from their smartphones. The app also provides notifications on new deals and discounts, enhancing the shopping experience and saving opportunities. Over the years, Raise has expanded its services beyond simple buying and selling. It now includes a wallet feature for storing gift cards and tracking balances, as well as partnerships with retailers for promotional offers and additional discounts. The platform's success is underpinned by its ability to provide tangible savings to consumers while offering a profitable outlet for unspent gift cards, thus supporting a more efficient and waste-reducing approach to retail spending. Raise's innovative platform has not only facilitated a new way for consumers to manage and spend their gift card funds but also helped retailers by driving traffic and reducing the amount of unspent gift cards. As the company evolves, it continues to focus on expanding its features and enhancing user engagement to maintain its position as a leading gift card marketplace.

Management Team

George Bousis Founder, Executive Chairman
Jay Klauminzer CEO
Angela Taormina Creative Director
Geri Robinson VP of Marketing

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