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Quora is a question-and-answer platform where users can pose questions, provide answers, and share knowledge across a wide range of topics. The website facilitates a community-driven environment where insights and experiences are exchanged, making it a dynamic resource for personal stories, expert advice, and diverse opinions.

Founded: 2009

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Quora Company Overview

Quora was established in 2009 by Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever, two former Facebook employees. The platform stands out for its community of experts and enthusiasts who contribute in-depth answers to questions across various fields, including technology, medicine, economics, and more. Quora's user-driven approach allows individuals to follow topics of interest as well as other users, creating a personalized feed of content. The platform also employs a rigorous moderation process to ensure the quality of responses, which helps maintain a reliable and informative user experience. This focus on high-quality content and user engagement makes Quora a valuable resource for individuals seeking expert knowledge and diverse perspectives.

Management Team

Adam D’Angelo Founder, CEO
Brendan Weitz Head of Product Partnerships & GM NY
Benito Bellot Director, Global Facilities
Jonathan Brill Head of Global Writer Relations
Puja Ramani Head of Business Marketing

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Quora's Poe AI platform adds StableDiffusionXL image creation bot

Quora's AI platform Poe has added support for StableDiffusionXL, an AI bot that can create unique images based on user prompts. There are also custom bots using SDXL with more unique focuses.

Unlocking the Power of Advertising: Quora Ads Webinar Coming to Europe

Digital advertising teems with opportunities, and Quora, the leading knowledge-sharing platform, leads the charge. With 400 million+ engaged unique monthly visitors, Quora empowers brands, including those in verticals like B2B and SaaS, education, and financial services, to supercharge their branding and performance campaigns. These industries leverage Quora Ads extensively to achieve their campaign goals, tapping into an audience actively seeking knowledge, insights, and solutions.

Quora's Poe launches bot search, announces enterprise package | TechCrunch

Quora's AI chatbot product Poe announced new features including a search for custom bots and plans for an enterprise tier.

Quora launches AI-supported chatbot app

Quora launches Poe, an AI-supported chatbot app that provides answers from chatbots including ChatHGOT naker and OpenAI.

Quora shutting down English version of Partner Program

Quora is shutting down the English version of its Partner Program on September 1, the company announced on its website. The Partner Program will remain active in other languages, including German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi, Swedish, Dutch, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Indonesian, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.