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Qumulo is a pioneering provider in the field of data storage, specializing in solutions that allow businesses to manage and store vast amounts of file and object data across various environments. With its advanced technology, Qumulo offers scalable storage options that cater to enterprises operating at the edge, in the cloud, or within data centers, emphasizing efficiency and innovation in data management at an exabyte scale.

Founded: 2012

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Qumulo Company Overview

Founded to address the growing need for scalable and efficient data storage, Qumulo has emerged as a leader in the data storage industry, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to manage large-scale unstructured data. The company's flagship product, the Qumulo Platform, is engineered to provide enterprises with the flexibility to store and manage data across multiple environments—whether at the edge, in the cloud, or on-premises. Qumulo's solutions are built on the concept of a Global Namespace, which allows for a unified view and management of data spread across different physical locations and systems. This feature simplifies data governance and accessibility, which is crucial for organizations dealing with large volumes of data generated from various sources. The Qumulo Nexus further enhances this by offering a unified visibility experience, allowing users to see and manage their data across all locations seamlessly. The company's product lineup also includes high-performance file storage solutions specifically designed for cloud environments like AWS and Azure. These products ensure cost-efficiency and scalability, meeting the demands of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and other data-intensive applications. Qumulo serves a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, media and entertainment, life sciences, and higher education, where large data volumes and high-speed data access are critical. It also addresses specific use cases such as video surveillance, artificial intelligence, and backup solutions, providing tailored services that enhance data protection and operational efficiency. Moreover, Qumulo is recognized for its innovation in the field, as evidenced by its recognition in industry analyses such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage. The company's focus on customer success is supported by a proactive customer service team and a robust partner ecosystem that enhances its offerings and supports global deployment capabilities. Qumulo's commitment to simplifying data management at a massive scale while ensuring data security and accessibility positions it as a key player in the data storage industry.

Management Team

BIll Richter President, CEO
Neal Fachan Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
Molly Brown VP of Engineering and Customer Success
Matt Frey CFO
Barry Russell SVP, General Manger of Cloud
Robyn Singh VP of People
Craig Bumpus Chief Revenue Officer
Adriana Gil Miner Chief Marketing Officer
Ben Gitenstein VP of Product Management

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