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Quantum Space is a pioneering space infrastructure and services company focusing on beyond-low Earth orbit (LEO) regions like geostationary orbit (GEO) and cislunar space. The company offers advanced capabilities in data collection, processing, and dissemination to support commercial and governmental needs in space operations and data services.

Founded: 2021

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Quantum Space Company Overview

Quantum Space, headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, specializes in the development and operation of space vehicles and data platforms designed to expand human activities into GEO and beyond. Founded by Kam Ghaffarian, a recognized leader in space and energy enterprises, Quantum Space aims to become the premier provider of space infrastructure and services for deep space missions. The company’s flagship products, the Ranger and Scout spacecraft, represent the core of its technological offerings. The Ranger is a robust, modular spacecraft equipped with storable chemical propulsion, capable of transporting payloads weighing up to 2500kg to cislunar orbits. Designed for adaptability and scalability, the Ranger supports a variety of missions from defense to corporate endeavors, facilitating rapid and reliable transportation to GEO within approximately 30 days. The Scout vehicles, smaller and more agile than the Rangers, serve as Quantum Space's data-collection units. These spacecraft are integral to the company’s strategy of providing continuous data services, which are vital for navigation, communication, and space situational awareness. Together, the Ranger and Scout fleets enhance Quantum Space’s capability to offer reliable in-space logistics, data transportation, and infrastructure management across multiple orbits. Quantum Space also emphasizes strategic partnerships and has established a Strategic Advisory Board comprising retired leaders from national security and civil space sectors to guide its mission of advancing humanity's journey to the stars. This alignment with experienced space professionals underscores the company's commitment to innovation and its strategic approach to overcoming the challenges of space congestion and debris in LEO. By focusing on underserved areas of space, Quantum Space not only facilitates easier access to GEO and cislunar spaces but also drives new technological and economic advancements. Its ongoing development of interconnected spacecraft and services aims to support the next wave of space exploration and utilization, positioning Quantum Space as a crucial player in the expanding domain of space operations.

Management Team

Kerry Wisnosky Chief Executive Officer and President
Ben Reed Chief Innovation Officer
Phillip Bracken Chief Technology Officer
Sue Hall Chief Operating Officer

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