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Quantcast leverages AI and machine learning to deliver advanced digital advertising solutions. Specializing in audience insights, cookieless advertising, and omnichannel strategies, Quantcast helps brands, agencies, and publishers optimize their marketing efforts. Their platform, powered by unique first-party data, enables users to plan, activate, and measure campaigns effectively in a privacy-first digital landscape.

Founded: 2006

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Quantcast Company Overview

Quantcast stands at the forefront of digital advertising, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer robust marketing solutions. Their platform is designed to deliver comprehensive capabilities in cookieless advertising, omnichannel strategies, and detailed audience insights. Central to Quantcast's technology is Ara, an AI engine that processes real-time first-party data to provide deep insights into customer behavior, aiding brands, agencies, and publishers in optimizing their marketing strategies and achieving measurable business outcomes. Quantcast's platform excels in helping users plan, activate, and measure campaigns with high precision. It addresses modern privacy concerns with its cookieless solutions, allowing marketers to effectively reach broad audiences without the need for third-party cookies. This approach not only ensures compliance with privacy regulations but also maintains the efficacy of advertising efforts in a rapidly changing digital environment. The company's offerings include a suite of tools tailored to the needs of brands, agencies, and publishers. These tools integrate AI-driven insights and performance metrics, facilitating improved market share, enhanced audience engagement, and increased revenue generation. By leveraging unique first-party data, Quantcast enables its clients to anticipate market trends and consumer preferences, resulting in more effective and targeted marketing campaigns. Quantcast's commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous development of new technologies and solutions. This dedication ensures that clients remain at the cutting edge of digital marketing, capable of navigating the complexities of the current landscape. With a focus on customer success, Quantcast provides the expertise and technological support necessary to thrive in today's privacy-first digital world. Their platform's ability to adapt to evolving industry standards and consumer behaviors makes Quantcast a valuable partner for those looking to enhance their digital marketing capabilities.

Management Team

Konrad Feldman CEO, Founder
Imad Tareen CFO
Peter Day CTO
Deb Stambaugh CMO
Ileana Falticeni General Counsel
Valerie Junger Chief People Officer
Mark Feldman SVP, Corporate Development and Global Partnerships

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InMobi acquires Quantcast’s consent management platform as ad tech M&A dry spell heats up

Riding the wave of recent dealmaking, this acquisition follows InMobi’s previous purchase of performance measurement business Appsume in 2021.

Quantcast and FreeWheel Announce New Partnership to Enable Better, More Direct Access to Global Premium Video Publishers

Global advertising technology company Quantcast and FreeWheel today announced a new partnership that allows advertisers direct access to global premium video publishers. As part of this new deal, marketers working with Quantcast will have access to premium programmatic video supply across all personal screens and devices, including over-the-top (OTT) and connected television (CTV).

Ad tech firm Quantcast cuts 6% in headcount as economic storm clouds gather

Layoffs spread to the ad tech tier as the industry braces itself for turbulent times.

Quantcast Launches Brand Advertising Solutions to Maximise the Impact of Every Marketing Dollar

Quantcast announced the launch of a suite of new solutions for digital marketers who demand more from their brand advertising. With these new products, marketers can seamlessly plan, activate, and measure video, native, and display brand campaigns across the web and on connected TV (CTV). Building on Quantcast’s widely adopted cookieless technology, marketers benefit from access to their entire audience, today.

Quantcast uses machine learning and AI to take on walled garden giants in the fight for the open internet

Quantcast has cast itself as a champion of the open internet as it sets out to find the middle ground between the ability to scale provided by walled gardens and access to individual-level user data. Urgency for the quest is provided by Goliath company Google, which announced it will no longer be supporting third-party cookies on its Chrome browser as of January 2022.