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Pyka Inc. is an innovative aerospace company focused on revolutionizing aviation through automation and electrification. Their flagship products, the Pelican Spray and Pelican Cargo, are autonomous electric aircraft designed for agricultural operations and cargo logistics, respectively. These aircraft aim to enhance aviation safety, reduce environmental impact, and improve cost-effectiveness in their operations.

Founded: 2017

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Pyka Inc., based in Oakland, California, embodies the pioneering spirit of the aerospace sector with a sharp focus on advancing aviation through automation and electrification. The company's groundbreaking work centers around its two major innovations: the Pelican Spray and Pelican Cargo autonomous electric aircraft. These aircraft have been developed with specific applications in mind: the Pelican Spray for agricultural spraying and the Pelican Cargo for cargo logistics. Each model leverages electric power to provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional aviation methods, aiming to reduce both carbon footprint and operational costs. The Pelican Spray addresses the inefficiencies and environmental concerns associated with conventional crop-spraying techniques. By utilizing precise spraying technology and minimizing chemical drift, this aircraft enhances the sustainability and effectiveness of agricultural practices. On the other hand, the Pelican Cargo pushes the boundaries of aerial logistics by carrying substantial payloads over long distances without relying on traditional airport infrastructure, which makes it an ideal solution for remote and underserved areas. Integral to Pyka's operations is its robust technological framework which ensures high levels of safety and autonomy. The technology is designed to meet rigorous standards, which has facilitated significant regulatory achievements, including FAA approval for the largest uncrewed aircraft system in the U.S. This milestone not only validates the company's technological prowess but also reinforces its position as a leader in the next generation of aviation. The innovative drive of Pyka extends beyond its products and into its overall impact on the aviation industry, setting new standards for what is achievable in autonomous and electric flight. This makes Pyka a key player in the evolving landscape of transportation, particularly as industries worldwide seek more sustainable and efficient logistical solutions.

Management Team

Michael Norcia Co-Founder and CEO
Chuma Ogunwole Co-Founder and COO
Volker Fabian Chief Commercial Officer

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