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PsiQuantum is pioneering in the quantum computing sector with its innovative approach to developing the world's first commercially viable quantum computer. Utilizing photonics-based architecture, the company is leveraging existing semiconductor manufacturing processes to build a scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computing system. Their ambitious project aims to provide groundbreaking solutions in various fields including climate technology, energy, pharmaceuticals, defense, financial services, and more.

Founded: 2016

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Founded with the ambitious goal of overcoming significant technological challenges, PsiQuantum is dedicated to building the first large-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computer using a photonics-based approach. This method distinguishes PsiQuantum from other players in the quantum computing industry by enabling the use of existing silicon chip foundries for manufacturing its quantum devices. The company's quantum computing technology promises to deliver unprecedented computational capabilities that could revolutionize industries by addressing complex problems across climate tech, energy, pharmaceuticals, defense, financial services, and other critical sectors. PsiQuantum's strategy hinges on its state-of-the-art research in quantum error correction, algorithms, and system architecture, positioning it at the forefront of the quantum revolution. The firm's focus on integrating quantum computing into practical, real-world applications reflects its commitment to not only advancing technology but also providing tangible solutions to humanity's greatest challenges. The leadership team at PsiQuantum combines experts in quantum physics, engineering, and industry, underscoring its capability to bridge the gap between theoretical quantum science and practical applications. With significant investments and partnerships in the tech and defense sectors, PsiQuantum is strategically navigating the complex landscape of quantum computing to achieve its vision of a new computing paradigm.

Management Team

Jeremy O'Brien Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Mark Thompson, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Technologist
Pete Shadbolt, Ph.D. Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Fariba Danesh Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Josh Richman Chief Revenue Officer
Nicholas Kelez Chief Product Officer

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