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Prove is a premier digital identity verification platform, trusted by thousands of companies worldwide. It offers solutions such as Prove Pre-Fill®, Prove Identity®, and Prove Auth®, enhancing security and reducing fraud. Prove streamlines digital onboarding, authentication, and identity management, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience across various industries.

Prove Company Overview

Prove, formerly known as Payfone, specializes in leveraging mobile and digital channels to enhance security, streamline digital onboarding, and reduce fraud. Prove's comprehensive suite of products includes Prove Pre-Fill®, which accelerates digital onboarding by pre-populating application forms with verified identity information, thereby reducing consumer friction and mitigating fraud risks. Prove Identity® is another flagship service that allows for the secure verification of consumers using just a phone number, eliminating the need for cumbersome document scans or selfies. This service ensures quick and efficient identity verification, making the user experience seamless and less intrusive. Prove Auth® further enhances security by offering fast, easy, and secure authentication solutions that go beyond traditional passwords and one-time passcodes (OTPs), reducing friction and costs associated with legacy authentication methods. The Prove Identity Manager℠ is a real-time registry of phone identity tokens, helping clients manage their consumers' phone numbers and other identity attributes through lifecycle changes. This ensures that identity data remains accurate and up-to-date across various touchpoints. Additionally, the Prove API Marketplace allows businesses to integrate Prove’s robust identity and fraud prevention solutions into their existing systems, enhancing their overall security posture. Prove’s solutions are utilized across multiple industries, including banking, fintech, healthcare, insurance, and online gaming, handling over 30 billion identity and authentication events annually. The company's innovative approach and commitment to improving consumer experiences while maintaining stringent security measures have positioned Prove as a leader in the digital identity space. With its scalable and reliable platform, Prove continues to redefine standards for digital identity verification and user authentication, helping businesses grow and secure their digital interactions effectively.