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Project44 is a leading supply chain visibility platform, providing real-time tracking and analytics across various transportation modes. Its AI-powered solutions help businesses optimize logistics, reduce costs, and enhance delivery performance. Trusted by over 1,300 customers globally, Project44 integrates seamlessly with numerous telematics and ERP systems to deliver comprehensive supply chain insights.

Founded: 2014

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Project44 Company Overview

Project44 is a prominent provider of supply chain visibility solutions, designed to enhance logistics operations and improve overall efficiency. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the company was established with the mission to create a seamless, fully connected supply chain. Project44's platform offers real-time visibility across multiple transportation modes including ocean, air, rail, and road, empowering businesses with predictive analytics and automated workflows. The platform, known as Movement, serves as a high-velocity solution that integrates AI-driven insights to manage and optimize every stage of the logistics workflow, from pre-transit to final mile delivery. Key features include shipment tracking, predictive delivery dates, exception management, and performance analytics. These capabilities enable shippers, carriers, and logistics providers to make informed decisions, reduce transportation costs, and improve service levels. Project44 has built a robust network, supporting over 240,000 carriers and integrating with more than 1,400 telematics systems and 80+ TMS/ERP systems. The company's solutions are utilized by various industries such as automotive, chemical, food and beverage, manufacturing, life sciences, and retail. Project44 continues to innovate, offering tools like detention and demurrage optimization to further reduce costs and manage risks for its customers. With a global reach, Project44 supports operations in hundreds of countries and provides services in multiple languages. Its commitment to transforming the supply chain landscape has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses aiming to achieve greater visibility and control over their logistics operations.

Management Team

Jett McCandless CEO
David Chandler CFO
Vivek Kundra COO
Will Hansmann CTO
Charlie Ungashick CMO
Elliott Rodgers CPO

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