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Productboard is a comprehensive product management platform that helps teams align on priorities, centralize customer feedback, and confidently decide what to build next. The platform facilitates collaboration across teams by offering tools for roadmapping, customer insights, and data-driven prioritization, making it an essential tool for modern product teams.

Founded: 2014

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Productboard, established with the mission to streamline product management processes, has evolved into a key player in the product management software landscape. The platform addresses the common challenges faced by product teams, such as aligning on priorities, managing customer feedback, and making informed product decisions. It serves as a centralized hub where all relevant product information and customer feedback converge, enabling teams to operate more effectively. The software provides a variety of specialized tools designed to enhance the product management lifecycle. These include features for creating detailed product roadmaps, gathering and analyzing customer insights, and employing data-driven methods for prioritization. Productboard's roadmapping capabilities allow teams to visualize their product strategy and progress, fostering transparency and collaboration among stakeholders. The customer insights feature centralizes user feedback from multiple sources, empowering product managers to uncover user needs and adjust their strategies accordingly. Productboard uses AI to automate and enhance various tasks within the product management process. This integration of AI helps teams analyze large volumes of feedback, prioritize feature development based on user impact and business goals, and accelerate the overall product development cycle. A pivotal aspect of Productboard's offering is its focus on cross-team collaboration. The platform is designed to connect product management with other departments, such as engineering, sales, and customer success, ensuring that all teams are aligned with the product vision and go-to-market strategy. This alignment is crucial for delivering products that truly meet customer needs and achieve business objectives. Productboard has earned the trust of numerous high-profile clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to fast-growing startups, by helping them to streamline their product processes and bring the right products to market more quickly. With its robust features, commitment to innovation, and a clear focus on user-centric product development, Productboard stands out as a comprehensive solution for product teams aiming to excel in competitive markets.

Management Team

Hubert Palan Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, & President
Sebastien Giroux Chief Financial Officer
Greg Strickland Chief Operating Officer
Daniel Hejl Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

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