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PrizePicks is the premier daily fantasy sports platform, offering an innovative pick 'em format for various sports leagues like NFL, NBA, and MLB. Currentlt available in 33 U.S. states and most of Canada, it allows users to predict sports outcomes in a simplified, real money gaming environment. This makes it appealing for both casual and serious fantasy sports enthusiasts.

Founded: 2015

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PrizePicks Company Overview

PrizePicks, headquartered in the United States, is recognized as America's number one daily fantasy sports app. This platform caters specifically to sports fans by providing an accessible and simplified version of fantasy sports where users can play against the house rather than other players. The platform's unique selling point lies in its user-friendly interface and the "pick 'em" approach, where users predict whether players will score above or below a certain stat line, as opposed to drafting players. Founded by a team passionate about sports and technology, PrizePicks aims to make fantasy sports engaging and accessible to a broad audience, ranging from casual fans to seasoned enthusiasts. This inclusivity is reflected in their offerings which cover a wide range of sports, including lesser-covered ones like esports and WNBA, in addition to major leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. PrizePicks operates on a mobile-first platform, with applications available for both iOS and Android, making it convenient for users to participate in games from anywhere. The app emphasizes a straightforward gameplay experience, with options such as Flex Play and Power Play, allowing users to adjust their risk levels. Users can choose from a range of entry fees and win up to 100 times their investment, with payouts being both fast and secure. The platform has also made strides in promoting responsible gaming, with numerous safeguards in place to ensure a safe gambling environment. Their commitment to user satisfaction and innovation in the fantasy sports market is evident in their extensive partnerships with major sports teams and organizations across North America. PrizePicks is at the forefront of the digital entertainment and sports betting market, featuring a streamlined fantasy sports platform. This approach, coupled with a strong operational framework and an expanding user base, positions it well within the rapidly evolving sports gaming industry.

Management Team

Adam Wexler Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Ari Koteles Chief Financial Officer
Jay Deuskar Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Jason Barclay Chief Legal Officer & Head of Public Policy

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