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Policygenius is a leading online insurance marketplace that simplifies the process of comparing and purchasing various types of insurance policies. With a focus on transparency and customer education, Policygenius offers tools and resources to compare free quotes from top-rated insurers, helping users make informed decisions about life, home, auto, and disability insurance. Supported by licensed experts, the platform ensures a seamless experience from quote comparison to policy purchase, prioritizing user needs and security.

Founded: 2014

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Policygenius Company Overview

Founded in 2014, Policygenius emerged as a response to the complicated and often opaque insurance industry. It was created with the vision to streamline the insurance buying process, making it accessible and understandable for everyone. Based in New York, Policygenius has grown significantly, driven by the commitment to provide consumers with a straightforward way to compare insurance quotes across a variety of types including life, home, auto, and disability insurance. At its core, Policygenius is an independent insurance broker, not affiliated with any insurers, which allows it to provide unbiased advice and options to its clients. This platform features an intuitive interface where users can access a wide range of insurance products and get free, personalized quotes in just a few clicks. The service includes a detailed comparison of policies from multiple top-rated insurance providers, facilitated by advanced proprietary technology. The founders, Jennifer Fitzgerald and Francois de Lame, who noted gaps in the traditional insurance market, aimed to simplify insurance buying. Their approach was to combine high-tech solutions with personalized human support. Policygenius staffs over 250 experts who assist customers through the entire insurance buying process, from initial inquiry to final purchase, ensuring that each customer finds the best policy for their specific needs. Policygenius also emphasizes consumer education through its comprehensive library of over 2,500 peer-reviewed articles. These resources help demystify insurance topics and empower consumers with knowledge to make better-informed decisions. Additionally, the company has helped over 30 million people shop for insurance and has sold more than $90 billion in coverage. The platform is highly rated by users for its user-friendly design, effective communication, and robust support system. Trust and security are paramount, with Policygenius employing industry-leading security measures to protect personal information. Overall, Policygenius stands out in the insurance industry for its customer-first approach, educational resources, and commitment to transparency and support.

Management Team

Jennifer Fitzgerald Co-founder & CEO
Franco de Lame Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
Justin Ternullo Chief Design Officer

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