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PlexTrac is an AI-powered cybersecurity platform specializing in pentest reporting and vulnerability management. It streamlines security workflows, automates reporting, and enhances collaboration for enterprises and service providers. By integrating various security tools, PlexTrac helps prioritize and remediate risks efficiently, boosting overall cybersecurity posture.

Founded: 2016

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Founded to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape, PlexTrac offers a comprehensive platform designed to streamline pentest reporting and vulnerability management. The company leverages AI to accelerate offensive security tasks, automate workflows, and facilitate real-time collaboration among security teams. PlexTrac's core features include automated pentest planning, detailed reporting, runbooks for exercise management, scheduling tools, and a client portal for enhanced customer interaction. PlexTrac supports a wide array of integrations, enabling seamless aggregation of data from multiple security tools into a unified platform. This centralization helps organizations prioritize critical issues, track remediation efforts, and visualize their security posture in real-time. The platform’s analytics and content library provide robust resources for generating reusable content and actionable insights. PlexTrac is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and leading service providers worldwide, offering significant reductions in reporting cycles and improvements in operational efficiency. Key leaders emphasize the platform's capacity to transform traditional security processes into more efficient, data-driven workflows. With features tailored to both enterprise teams and service providers, PlexTrac addresses diverse cybersecurity needs, fostering proactive risk management and continuous improvement in security practices.

Management Team

Dan DeCloss CEO and Founder
Jeremy Nazarian Chief Marketing Officer
Oleg Antonyuk Chief Financial Officer
Andy Langsam Chief Executive Officer
Alex Thomson Chief Revenue Officer

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