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Plenty is a pioneering force in the indoor vertical farming industry, revolutionizing traditional agricultural practices by leveraging advanced technology to grow crops indoors. Specializing in leafy greens and herbs, Plenty employs sustainable methods that utilize significantly less water and land than conventional farming. The company's farms produce pesticide-free, nutritious produce year-round, serving consumers with fresh and flavorful greens.

Founded: 2014

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Founded with a vision to address the pressing challenges of food security and sustainability, Plenty has emerged as a leader in the vertical farming sector. The company operates with a commitment to reducing environmental impact, focusing on creating pesticide-free, nutrient-rich produce that supports healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet. Plenty's innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology, including robotics and AI, with agricultural expertise to optimize plant growth indoors. Their farms, strategically located in urban centers such as Compton, California, and soon in Richmond, Virginia, maximize yield in minimal space, growing produce closer to consumers to reduce transportation emissions and enhance freshness. The business was initiated to combat the growing scarcity of farmable land and the adverse effects of climate change on agriculture. By controlling environmental factors such as light, humidity, and nutrients, Plenty ensures optimal growth conditions for plants, yielding higher productivity than traditional farms. Their technology not only supports the growth of leafy greens but also has the capability to expand to a wide variety of crops, as demonstrated by their upcoming strawberry farm in Virginia, set to be the world's first indoor vertical farm campus. Plenty's R&D efforts are robust, based in their Laramie, Wyoming facility, where they continually refine their farming methods. This site serves as the backbone for their product development and innovation, ensuring that the technology is scalable and adaptable to different environments and crop requirements. Key to Plenty's mission is its focus on sustainability and food accessibility. By situating farms within communities, especially urban areas, Plenty aims to democratize access to fresh, healthy foods and significantly cut down on the carbon footprint associated with large-scale agriculture. Plenty is not just growing food; it's growing the future of agriculture with each leaf and each innovation. The company stands at the forefront of the agricultural technology industry, providing solutions that are sustainable, scalable, and crucial for the future of food production on a global scale.

Management Team

Matt Barnard Co-Founder, CEO
Nate Storey Co-Founder, CSO
Nick Kalayjian SVP of Engineering

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