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PlayVS is a leading platform for high school and middle school esports, offering organized competitions across the United States and Canada. It provides leagues for popular games, tools for coaches, and ensures student safety and privacy. PlayVS also supports scholarship opportunities and enhances student engagement through competitive gaming.

Founded: 2018

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Founded to revolutionize the high school and middle school esports scene, PlayVS offers structured, competitive gaming leagues across the United States and Canada. The platform caters to students by providing access to popular games like League of Legends, Rocket League, and NBA 2K, facilitating both state and regional competitions. Emphasizing safety and privacy, PlayVS requires verified faculty members to moderate all matches, enforcing strict conduct policies. The platform also includes tools for coaches to manage teams, track stats, and provide on-demand support. PlayVS significantly impacts student engagement and development by building character, improving communication skills, and fostering teamwork. Additionally, it opens doors to higher education by offering substantial scholarship opportunities. Since its inception, PlayVS has awarded over $1 million in scholarships and prizes, collaborating with numerous colleges to help students secure esports scholarships. PlayVS's comprehensive approach includes educational resources through PlayVS Academy, which supports new and seasoned esports participants with expert advice and training materials. This holistic support system ensures that students and coaches have the necessary tools to thrive in the competitive esports environment. By providing a structured, inclusive, and educational platform, PlayVS plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of amateur esports in schools.

Management Team

Delane Parnell Founder & CEO
Gabi Loeb CFO
Neel Palrecha CTO

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