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Planet provides advanced satellite imaging solutions, offering daily global data capture and analytics to empower decision-making across diverse sectors. Their platform delivers high-resolution imagery that enables businesses, governments, and organizations to monitor environmental changes, manage resources effectively, and execute time-sensitive actions. Planet's technology supports applications in agriculture, forestry, urban planning, and more, facilitating a deeper understanding of our planet.

Founded: 2010

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Founded in 2010 by a team of NASA scientists, Planet aims to revolutionize real-time data collection about the Earth through a fleet of satellites. This San Francisco-based company has rapidly expanded to become a leading player in the satellite imaging industry, offering the highest frequency satellite imagery data commercially available. Their constellation of over 150 satellites, the largest of its kind, provides daily, high-resolution imagery of the Earth's surface, making it a vital tool for dynamic data analysis across various industries. Planet's primary offerings include the PlanetScope, which provides daily global coverage, and SkySat, which offers high-resolution imagery for detailed inspection needs. These products are integral to industries such as agriculture, where they assist in crop monitoring and management; government and civil applications, where they support urban planning and disaster response; and environmental monitoring, where they track changes in ecosystems and land use. The company was founded by Will Marshall, Robbie Schingler, and Chris Boshuizen, who brought together their expertise in physics, engineering, and space science to create a new paradigm in Earth observation. Their vision was to make data from space accessible and actionable for a broader audience to drive informed decisions on a global scale. Planet operates on a subscription-based model, where clients can access a suite of tools and analytics platforms tailored to their specific needs. This includes real-time change detection, object classification, and predictive analytics. The company also emphasizes its commitment to sustainability and responsible operations, aligning its goals with global efforts to combat climate change and promote environmental stewardship. Their work has not only captured the attention of the tech industry but has also forged significant partnerships with governments and major corporations around the world. These collaborations further amplify Planet's impact and underline its role as an indispensable source of data in our increasingly data-driven world.

Management Team

Will Marshall Co-Founder, CEO
Robbie Schingler Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
Nate Dickerman Chief Commercial Officer
Ashley Fieglein Johnson CFO
Laura Malinasky Chief Legal and People Officer
Rosanne Saccone CMO
Brian Hernacki SVP Software
James Mason SVP Space Systems
Martin Van Ryswyk SVP Product
Massimiliano Vitale SVP Berlin Operations
Andrew Zolli VP Global Impact Initiatives

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