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Pivotal Commware specializes in enhancing 5G networks through advanced technology solutions. Their innovative approach improves network coverage and connectivity using proprietary Holographic Beam Forming®. By optimizing deployment and management, Pivotal Commware addresses the critical needs of modern telecommunications, enabling efficient expansion and superior service delivery.

Founded: 2016

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Pivotal Commware, established to address the challenges of millimeter wave (mmWave) technology, has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to 5G network enhancement. Utilizing its proprietary Holographic Beam Forming® technology, Pivotal Commware offers advanced solutions for optimizing network coverage and connectivity. Their ecosystem of smart repeaters is designed to extend and enhance 5G signals, both indoors and outdoors, effectively addressing the limitations of traditional infrastructure. The company's innovative technology significantly improves the efficiency of 5G deployments, enabling precise line-of-sight placements and reducing the total cost of ownership for network operators. This not only enhances mobile and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) coverage but also supports more reliable and robust service delivery, crucial for both consumer and enterprise applications. Central to Pivotal Commware’s offerings is their Intelligent Beam Management System (IBMS), which integrates machine learning to provide real-time network optimization and management. This system allows for dynamic adjustments and proactive maintenance, ensuring optimal network performance and user experience. Additionally, their solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing for seamless integration into existing network infrastructures and facilitating the rapid expansion of 5G services. The company’s approach addresses the critical need for enhanced 5G network performance, positioning Pivotal Commware as a key player in the telecommunications industry. By focusing on innovative, cost-effective solutions, they enable network operators to deliver superior connectivity, supporting the growing demand for high-speed, reliable wireless communication. Through their technological advancements, Pivotal Commware is driving the evolution of 5G networks, ensuring they meet the high-performance standards required for modern applications and services.