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Pivot Bio is an innovative agricultural company that has revolutionized crop nutrition by developing microbial solutions that deliver nitrogen directly to crops. This sustainable technology reduces reliance on synthetic fertilizers, improving yield and environmental outcomes. Pivot Bio's products cater to various crops, ensuring reliable growth and enhanced profitability for farmers, aligning with sustainability goals to address climate change impacts in agriculture.

Founded: 2011

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Founded with a mission to transform agricultural practices, Pivot Bio offers a groundbreaking approach to crop nutrition that leverages the natural process of nitrogen fixation through engineered microbes. This technology enables plants to directly utilize atmospheric nitrogen, bypassing the inefficiencies and environmental downsides associated with traditional synthetic fertilizers. Pivot Bio's core technology emerged from extensive research and collaboration with leading agricultural universities and research institutions. By harnessing the power of naturally occurring microbes, the company's solutions, such as PROVEN® 40, offer a more stable and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic nitrogen sources, which are prone to volatilization and leaching, leading to significant environmental pollution and inefficiency. The company's products are designed to work seamlessly with existing agricultural practices but significantly reduce the carbon footprint of farming operations. These products not only maintain crop yields but often improve them, thereby supporting farmers' profitability and sustainability goals. The efficacy of Pivot Bio’s products has been validated through rigorous field trials conducted across the United States in collaboration with farmers and independent researchers. The founders of Pivot Bio, deeply rooted in biotechnology and sustainable agriculture, envisioned a company that could significantly mitigate the environmental impact of global farming operations while enhancing food production efficiency. Their innovative approach to microbial nitrogen fixation represents a promising solution to one of agriculture's most pressing challenges: how to produce enough food for a growing population without exacerbating climate change, biodiversity loss, or pollution. As climate concerns continue to rise, Pivot Bio’s contributions to sustainable agriculture have positioned it as a leader in the agri-tech sector, offering solutions that promise a reduction in greenhouse gases and a transition towards low-impact farming methods. The company's ongoing research and expansion into international markets underscore its commitment to a future where farming is both profitable and sustainable.

Management Team

Karsten Temme, Ph.D. CEO
Alvin Tamsir, Ph.D. CSO
Richard Broglie, Ph.D. CTO
Doug Jeffries CFO

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