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Pipe.com is a pioneering financial technology platform that transforms recurring revenue into up-front capital for growth without dilution. Targeting small to mid-sized businesses, Pipe provides a novel alternative to traditional financing, offering immediate capital based on the business's revenue data, thereby eliminating bias and lengthy processes.

Founded: 2019

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Founded to address the inefficiencies and biases of traditional business financing, Pipe.com offers a unique solution by allowing companies to convert their predictable revenue streams into immediate capital. This financial technology platform caters primarily to small and mid-sized businesses that benefit from non-dilutive funding, which means entrepreneurs can secure funding without giving up equity in their company. Pipe's innovative model focuses on simplicity and speed, enabling businesses to access funds based on the health of their revenue rather than conventional credit metrics. This approach removes the need for lengthy applications and the usual approval waiting times associated with traditional loans. By leveraging live data to assess a company's revenue health, Pipe ensures that the funding amount is aligned with the business's current performance, which provides a fair and unbiased financing solution. The platform is particularly appealing to SaaS companies and other businesses with recurring revenue models. By turning these revenues into up-front capital, businesses can invest in growth initiatives more quickly and efficiently than they could by relying on monthly or quarterly income. In addition to its core offering, Pipe.com supports its partners and entrepreneurs with tools and insights to manage their finances and grow their businesses. This includes embedded financing solutions that platform partners can offer to their users, enhancing value and deepening customer relationships. Pipe was established by a team passionate about removing the friction from business financing. Their mission is to make the capital access process as frictionless as possible, helping business owners focus more on operational growth and less on financial constraints. Pipe stands out in the fintech space by providing a fast, fair, and entrepreneur-friendly platform that aligns funding with the actual needs and performance of businesses, paving the way for sustainable growth without the usual burdens of debt or dilution.

Management Team

Namrata Gantra Chief Product Officer, Chief Technology Officer
Scott Polcheb Chief Innovation Officer
Manpreet Dhot Chief Risk Officer
Yasmin Moaven Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer
Luke Voiles Chief Executive Officer

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