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Pindrop is a leader in voice security solutions, pioneering advanced technologies like voice biometrics and deepfake detection to protect voice communications. With a focus on authentication, fraud prevention, and securing customer interactions, Pindrop caters to industries such as banking, insurance, and call centers. Its products enhance security while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Founded: 2011

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Pindrop has positioned itself at the forefront of voice security by developing sophisticated technologies aimed at authenticating users and preventing voice-based fraud. Their suite of products includes Pindrop Passport, Pindrop Protect, and Pindrop Pulse, each designed to offer robust solutions for identity verification and fraud protection through voice. Pindrop's technology portfolio showcases innovations like Phoneprinting®, which analyzes call audio to detect fraud, and voice biometrics technology that verifies a speaker’s identity based on unique vocal characteristics. These technologies are supported by Pindrop's Trace and Liveness Detection systems, ensuring that voice interactions are not only secure but also resistant to advanced spoofing techniques. The company serves a global clientele, including some of the largest financial institutions and insurers in the U.S. Pindrop’s solutions are particularly valuable in environments where securing customer interactions is paramount, such as in call centers, banking, and insurance industries. Their systems analyze billions of calls, significantly reducing fraud losses annually and enhancing the customer service experience by streamlining authentication processes. Pindrop's commitment to innovation is reflected in its continuous research and development efforts, which focus on combating the newest challenges in voice security, like deepfakes and synthetic voice scams. The integration of their solutions with existing customer platforms is straightforward, ensuring that implementing Pindrop’s technologies does not disrupt client operations but rather enhances security and efficiency. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Asia-Pacific region, Pindrop not only addresses the security needs of its clients but also contributes to the broader discussion on voice security and fraud prevention at various international forums and conferences. This global presence underscores its role as a critical player in the ongoing efforts to secure voice communications in an increasingly digital age.

Management Team

Vijay A. Balasubramaniyan Co-Founder, CEO, CTO
Paul Judge Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
Mustaque Ahamad Co-Founder, Chief Scientist
Jeff Hodges CFO
Mark Horne Chief Marketing Officer
Clarissa Cerda General Counsel
Michael Hughes SVP, Head of Global Sales
Matt Garland Vice President of Research
Jacki Hertenstein Vice President of People
Chris Halaschek Vice President of Product
Sachin Soni SVP of Customer Success

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