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Pilot provides comprehensive bookkeeping, tax preparation, and CFO services tailored for startups and small businesses. Their expert team ensures accurate financial management, allowing companies to focus on growth. Services include detailed bookkeeping, precise tax filing, strategic CFO support, and R&D tax credit management.

Founded: 2016

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Pilot offers specialized bookkeeping, tax, and CFO services designed for startups and small businesses. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company leverages the expertise of hundreds of U.S.-based finance professionals. Pilot's services include meticulous bookkeeping with triple-checked financial statements, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Their tax services cover federal and state filings, ensuring compliance and optimizing tax positions. Additionally, Pilot provides strategic CFO services, offering insights into budgeting, KPI tracking, and fundraising strategies. Pilot also assists with R&D tax credit claims, potentially providing significant annual savings. The company's approach integrates advanced technology, ensuring seamless compatibility with clients' existing business tools for an efficient and scalable financial management solution. Trusted by thousands of companies across various sectors, including startups, consumer goods, and professional services, Pilot is known for its personalized and detailed financial support. Their platform is designed to handle the unique financial complexities faced by businesses in different stages of growth, ensuring tailored solutions that meet specific business needs. With a commitment to helping companies navigate their financial challenges, Pilot has established itself as a reliable partner in the financial management landscape. Their team of professionals works closely with clients, providing the expertise and support necessary to manage financial operations effectively. Through their comprehensive services, Pilot enables businesses to focus on growth and innovation, knowing their financial management is in capable hands.

Management Team

Waseem Daher Co-Founder, CEO
Jeff Arnold Co-Founder, COO
Jessica McKellar Co-Founder, CTO
Paul Jun CFO

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