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Petal Card offers innovative credit solutions designed to help individuals build or improve their credit scores. With three main products, Petal 1, Petal 1 Rise, and Petal 2, the company provides credit cards with no fees, cashback rewards, and opportunities for credit limit increases. Petal’s unique approach includes evaluating applicants based on their banking history, making it accessible to those with limited or no credit history.

Founded: 2016

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Founded to make credit more accessible and responsible, Petal Card offers a modern approach to credit cards, emphasizing transparency and simplicity. The company provides three distinct credit cards: Petal 1, Petal 1 Rise, and Petal 2. Petal 1 is aimed at those new to credit, offering no annual fees and cashback rewards between 2% to 10% at select merchants. Petal 1 Rise has a $59 annual fee but includes similar cashback benefits, targeting users seeking to rebuild or establish their credit. Petal 2 provides 1% to 1.5% cashback on all purchases with no fees, catering to those looking for rewards and straightforward terms. One of Petal’s key innovations is its use of bank account data to evaluate applicants, going beyond traditional credit scores. This allows the company to offer credit to individuals with limited or no credit history by assessing their financial behavior. Petal's cards, issued by WebBank, feature competitive APR ranges, credit limits up to $10,000, and various user-friendly tools via the Petal app. The app provides features like real-time credit score tracking, spending insights, and notifications, helping users manage their credit responsibly. Petal Card was created with the mission to democratize access to credit, particularly for younger consumers or those without established credit histories. By leveraging technology and data, Petal aims to build a more inclusive credit system, offering valuable tools and benefits to its users.

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