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Personio is a leading HR software provider that offers a comprehensive platform designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Their solutions streamline HR processes, including recruitment, employee onboarding, time tracking, and payroll management. Personio's intuitive interface and robust automation tools help companies enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and improve overall employee experience.

Founded: 2015

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Personio is a Munich-based company offering a comprehensive HR software platform tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform is designed to simplify and centralize various HR processes, including recruitment, onboarding, performance management, time tracking, and payroll. By integrating all these functions into one system, Personio helps businesses enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and improve the overall employee experience. Personio's HR Management suite includes digital employee files, absence management, and time tracking, enabling HR teams to maintain organized and accessible records. The Talent Management module supports applicant tracking, performance reviews, and employee development, helping companies attract and retain top talent. The Payroll module streamlines complex payroll processes, integrates with existing financial systems, and ensures legal compliance, significantly reducing administrative burdens. One of Personio's key strengths is its ability to integrate with over 200 applications, which allows businesses to streamline their workflows and boost productivity. Additionally, Personio provides advanced analytics and reporting tools that deliver valuable insights, empowering HR teams to make data-driven decisions. These features collectively enable companies to manage their workforce more effectively and focus on strategic growth. Serving tens of thousands of businesses across Europe, Personio is trusted by a diverse range of industries. The company is committed to maintaining high standards of data security and compliance, ensuring that all sensitive employee information is protected. Personio's dedication to customer support is evident through its ongoing innovation and responsiveness to user feedback, continually enhancing the platform to meet evolving HR needs. By offering an intuitive and robust HR solution, Personio aims to help small and medium-sized businesses unlock the full potential of their workforce, driving operational efficiency and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Management Team

Hanno Renner Co-founder & CEO
Roman Schumacher Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
Arseniy Vershinin Co-founder & CTO
Jonas Rieke COO
Geraldine MacCarthy CRO
Birgit Haderer CFO
Martina Ruiß Head of HR
Sebastian Enderlein VP of Engineering
Christian Weisbrodt VP of Marketing
Oliver Manojlovic VP of Sales

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