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Persephone Biosciences is a pioneering biotechnology firm that leverages the complexities of the human microbiome to develop groundbreaking therapies. Established in 2017 and based in San Diego, California, Persephone focuses on harnessing synthetic biology to create innovative solutions in areas like oncology and infant health.

Persephone Biosciences Company Overview

Persephone Biosciences was co-founded by Stephanie Culler, Ph.D., and Steve Van Dien, Ph.D., who transitioned from their previous roles in biomanufacturing to explore the potential of the microbiome in treating various health conditions. Their foundational goal was to develop microbial products that could significantly impact patient health through the manipulation of the gut microbiome, considered less complex than gene therapy but equally promising. The company has become a leader in microbiome research, particularly noted for its ARGONAUT study. This large-scale project is designed to identify key biomarkers that can aid in the treatment and prevention of cancer by mapping the interactions within the gut-immune axis. Such research underlines Persephone's commitment to enhancing the effectiveness of treatments like immunotherapies, where they investigate the potential of microbiome adjustments to improve how cancer patients respond to therapy. Beyond cancer research, Persephone is deeply involved in pediatric health, focusing on how early microbiome intervention can prevent conditions such as allergies in infants. This preventative approach aims to restore and maintain a healthy microbiotic balance from an early age, potentially warding off numerous health issues later in life. Under the leadership of CEO Stephanie Culler, Persephone has made significant advances in developing probiotics and dietary supplements that are more aligned with modern nutritional needs than traditional products. These developments reflect a broader shift towards targeted, microbiome-based health solutions that cater to specific patient needs across various life stages. The firm's innovative approach is further enriched by strategic collaborations with other biotech entities, enhancing its ability to develop and refine effective microbial therapies. With a dynamic team and a clear vision, Persephone Biosciences continues to set benchmarks in the biotechnology field, promising new possibilities for patient and infant health through the science of the microbiome.

Management Team

Stephanie Culler, PhD Co-founder, CEO
Steve Van Dien, PhD Co-founder, CTO
Daniel Bradbury Chairman of the board of directors

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