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Perplexity AI offers a modern alternative to traditional search engines by providing a conversational interface where users can ask questions and receive accurate, concise answers backed by curated sources. It enhances online search experiences with contextual awareness and personalization, learning users' interests over time to serve as a knowledgeable assistant. This productivity tool is designed to simplify the acquisition of information, making it quicker and easier to manage everyday tasks.

Founded: 2022

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Perplexity AI redefines the way users interact with search technology. Unlike conventional search engines that deliver a list of links, Perplexity allows users to ask direct questions and get precise answers. This capability is supported by an advanced answer engine that leverages predictive text technology and sophisticated algorithms to select the best responses from a variety of sources. The results are then succinctly summarized, providing users with the information they need without the need to sift through multiple web pages. Founded on the principle of making information search as seamless and efficient as having a personal assistant, Perplexity’s mission is to enhance productivity across multiple use cases. Its unique conversational interface is designed not only to answer queries but to understand the context of questions, making the interaction as natural as possible. Over time, the system personalizes the experience by learning the user's preferences and interests, which helps in tailoring responses more effectively. For users, this translates to a significant time saving and reduction in the effort typically required to gather information online. Whether it’s quick facts, detailed research, or complex queries, Perplexity provides a streamlined, efficient solution. The platform serves a broad audience, from students and researchers to professionals and casual users, all of whom benefit from its ability to simplify information discovery and improve knowledge acquisition. Perplexity AI's Pro Search transforms the traditional search experience into a dynamic interaction. Powered by cutting-edge AI models such as GPT-4 and Claude 3, Pro Search engages users in a conversational manner, delving beyond superficial queries. It actively asks questions, listens to responses, and refines its searches to align closely with user intentions. This meticulous process ensures that the answers provided are not only accurate but also precisely tailored to the user's needs, yielding highly relevant results with impressive consistency. This feature sets Pro Search apart from standard search engines by providing in-depth, personalized responses that meet the demands of users needing more than just quick answers.

Management Team

Aravind Srinivas Co-founder and CEO
Denis Yarats Co-founder and CTO
Johnny Ho Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Andy Konwinski Co-founder and President
Dmitry Shevelenko Chief Business Officer

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