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Perfect Day is a pioneering biotechnology company focused on creating sustainable, animal-free dairy proteins using precision fermentation. Their innovative process offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dairy, producing high-quality proteins that replicate the taste and functionality of conventional dairy products without involving animals.

Founded: 2014

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Perfect Day is at the forefront of sustainable food innovation by specializing in the production of animal-free dairy proteins through precision fermentation, a process that uses microflora to create proteins identical to those in cow's milk. This groundbreaking technology not only replicates the taste and texture of traditional dairy products but also offers significant environmental benefits, such as reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less water and land usage. Perfect Day's flagship product, ProFerm, serves as the foundation for a range of dairy alternatives, including ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. By providing a sustainable alternative to conventional dairy, the company addresses both ethical concerns and the environmental impact associated with livestock farming. Their animal-free proteins deliver the same nutritional value as traditional dairy without cholesterol, lactose, or antibiotics, making them suitable for a wider audience, including those with dietary restrictions. The company's innovative approach has led to numerous partnerships with prominent food brands, facilitating the incorporation of their animal-free proteins into a variety of products on the market. Perfect Day's vision extends beyond dairy alternatives; they aim to transform the global food system by promoting sustainability and reducing reliance on animal agriculture. By pioneering a new category of animal-free proteins, Perfect Day is not only meeting consumer demand for sustainable and ethical food options but also paving the way for a more resilient and eco-friendly food supply chain. As the company continues to expand its product offerings and partnerships, it remains dedicated to its mission of creating a kinder, greener future through innovative food technologies.

Management Team

Ryan Pandya Co-Founder and CEO
Perumal Gandhi Co-Founder
Narayan TM President
Bonney Oommen Chief Product and Strategy Officer
Sunil Sukumaran CTO
Tim Geistlinger Chief Science Officer

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