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Pendo is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance the digital product experience across multiple sectors by providing comprehensive tools for analytics, in-app guidance, feedback, and user behavior visualization. Trusted by top global companies, Pendo empowers organizations to optimize user interactions and drive growth through insightful data-driven strategies.

Founded: 2013

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Pendo Company Overview

Founded by Todd Olson, Rahel Bailie, Eric Boduch, and Erik Troan, Pendo has established itself as a pivotal player in the digital product experience sphere. The platform offers a suite of solutions aimed at improving user engagement and operational efficiency across various business applications. Pendo's core features include advanced analytics to track user activity, in-app messaging and guides to facilitate user interaction, and tools for gathering feedback to align product development with user needs. Additionally, the platform provides visualizations of user behavior through session replay, enhancing the understanding of user journeys. Pendo's impact is evident in its wide adoption by industry leaders across finance, healthcare, education, and technology, who rely on its insights to refine user experiences and drive product success. The company also fosters a strong community through educational initiatives like Pendo Academy and events such as Pendomonium, which bring together product professionals to share insights and best practices. As a result, Pendo not only delivers powerful analytics and guidance tools but also plays a crucial role in shaping the product management landscape through thought leadership and community engagement.

Management Team

Todd Olson Founder, CEO
Erik Troan Founder, CTO
Eric Boduch Founder, Chief Evangelist
Rahul Jain Founder, VP Business Analyst
Jennifer Kaelin CFO
Brian Crofts Chief Product Officer
Joe Chernov CMO
Kelli Dragovich Chief People Officer
Ben Carey Chief Customer Officer

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