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Outdoor Voices is an American activewear brand that promotes a casual, enjoyable approach to fitness. Known for its versatile and high-quality apparel, the company designs products for various activities, including running, yoga, and everyday wear. Emphasizing sustainability, Outdoor Voices uses durable materials and environmentally friendly practices to create long-lasting, stylish athletic wear. The brand encourages people to stay active and have fun while "Doing Things."

Founded: 2013

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Outdoor Voices is an activewear brand known for its innovative approach to fitness apparel. The company promotes a casual and enjoyable approach to physical activity, encouraging people to engage in exercise as a fun and integral part of their daily lives. Originally headquartered in New York City, Outdoor Voices later relocated to Austin, Texas, to facilitate its expansion and operational growth. The brand quickly gained recognition for its versatile and high-quality products, particularly through its innovative "kits" that allow customers to mix and match tops and bottoms at a bundled price. These kits became a signature offering, highlighting the brand's focus on providing stylish and functional apparel for a variety of activities, including running, yoga, and everyday wear. Outdoor Voices emphasizes sustainability and environmental responsibility in all aspects of its business. The company is committed to using durable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices to create long-lasting products. This commitment is evident in their use of low-impact, recyclable packaging and the prioritization of long-lasting materials to reduce waste. By integrating sustainability into their operations, Outdoor Voices aims to make it easier for customers to adopt a more active lifestyle while being mindful of their environmental impact. The brand's product line includes popular items such as the Exercise Dress, CloudKnit tops, and versatile leggings, all designed to cater to a wide range of physical activities. In addition to their core offerings, Outdoor Voices has launched special collections, including a swimwear line called "H2Ov," and has collaborated with other fashion and fitness brands for limited edition products. These collaborations have helped to expand their reach and appeal, attracting a diverse customer base. Despite facing significant challenges, including a major restructuring that led to the closure of all physical stores and a shift to an online-only model, Outdoor Voices continues to innovate and thrive in the activewear market. The brand remains dedicated to its core values of inclusivity, sustainability, and the joy of "Doing Things," encouraging people of all fitness levels to participate in activities that make them feel good. With its focus on high-quality, versatile apparel and a strong commitment to sustainability, Outdoor Voices has established itself as a beloved brand among fitness enthusiasts and casual exercisers alike. The company's emphasis on creating enjoyable and sustainable activewear experiences sets it apart in the crowded athletic apparel market, continuing to inspire people to stay active and enjoy the process.

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