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OurCrowd is a leading global venture investing platform that empowers institutions and individual investors to engage in pre-vetted startup opportunities. This platform uniquely aligns with trusted venture capital funds and angel investors, facilitating the creation of a diversified investment portfolio across multiple industries and stages of company growth.

Founded: 2013

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OurCrowd Company Overview

Founded in 2012, OurCrowd operates from Jerusalem, Israel, and stands out as a pioneering equity crowdfunding platform that democratizes venture capital investments. The company was established with the vision of providing a structured platform for accredited investors around the world to access and invest in Israeli and global startups alongside professional venture capitalists and angel investors. OurCrowd's approach combines extensive due diligence processes with a unique co-investment model. Each potential investment undergoes a rigorous vetting procedure by the company's team of investment professionals, ensuring that only high-potential startups are presented to their community of investors. This meticulous process not only elevates the quality of investment opportunities but also aligns investor interests with those of institutional venture partners. The platform offers access to a variety of sectors including healthcare, cybersecurity, agtech, fintech, and artificial intelligence. OurCrowd’s portfolio is diverse, containing both early-stage startups and more mature companies approaching IPO or acquisition stages. Notably, the platform has facilitated significant startup exits, underscoring its capacity to identify and nurture high-growth potential enterprises. OurCrowd is led by CEO Jon Medved, a renowned figure in Israeli tech and venture capital circles. Under his leadership, OurCrowd has not only impacted the landscape of venture capital in Israel but has also attracted a global investor base. The company emphasizes social impact investments, promoting projects that address global challenges in sustainability, healthcare, and economic inclusion, reflecting its commitment to value-driven investment. OurCrowd offers educational resources through its Knowledge Center and regularly organizes global investor summits that serve as a nexus for networking, learning, and collaboration among startups and investors. This holistic approach ensures that investors are well-informed and engaged in the venture capital ecosystem, making OurCrowd a significant player on the global stage of equity crowdfunding platforms.

Management Team

Jonathan Medved Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Kaye President & Chief Institutional Officer
Josh Wolff Chief Operating Officer
Jeff Schneiderman Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product

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