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Oura Health Oy, the developer of the Oura Ring, offers a smart ring that tracks sleep, activity, stress, and heart health, providing personalized insights. With advanced sensors and a sleek design, the ring integrates with a mobile app to help users optimize their well-being through detailed biometrics. Suitable for all-day wear, Oura Ring supports various health aspects, including women’s health and recovery, contributing to a holistic approach to personal health management.

Founded: 2013

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ŌURA Health Company Overview

Oura Health Oy developed the Oura Ring, a pioneering wearable device that redefines personal health tracking. This smart ring monitors over 20 biometric signals, providing users with comprehensive insights into sleep patterns, activity levels, stress responses, and heart health. By seamlessly integrating with a user-friendly mobile app, it translates complex data into actionable insights, helping individuals make informed decisions about their health and wellness. The Oura Ring features advanced sensors and a sleek design, ensuring both precision and comfort for all-day wear. Its capability to monitor various health aspects, including women’s health, recovery, and overall wellness, contributes to a holistic approach to personal health management. The ring tracks sleep stages, daily movement, and heart rate variability, offering a detailed view of the wearer’s overall health status. The ring’s ability to provide personalized feedback and recommendations sets it apart in the wearable technology market. Users receive daily readiness scores, which indicate their optimal activity levels based on their recovery status. This feature helps users balance their physical exertion and rest periods, promoting long-term health benefits. Additionally, the Oura Ring’s sleep tracking is highly detailed, offering insights into the different stages of sleep and suggesting improvements for better sleep quality. Oura Health Oy has focused on continuous innovation and user empowerment. The ring is designed to support mental well-being by tracking stress levels and suggesting relaxation techniques. Its data privacy policies ensure that users’ health data is securely stored and managed, addressing a critical concern in the digital health sector. The company's commitment to cutting-edge technology and user-centric design has positioned the Oura Ring as a leader in the wearable health technology market. With a growing user base, Oura Health Oy continues to enhance its product offerings, aiming to provide deeper health insights and contribute to the overall well-being of its users. The Oura Ring is not just a health tracker but a comprehensive tool for achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Management Team

Tom Hale CEO
Sean Brecker CFO
Michael Chapp COO
Teemu Kurppa CTO, Software
Dorothy Kilroy Chief Commercial Officer
Holly Shelton Chief Product Officer
Chris Adi Shammout Chief Information Security Officer
Doug Sweeny Chief Marketing Officer
Judith Gilbert Chief People Officer

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