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Ordermark is a comprehensive online ordering management system for restaurants, now part of UrbanPiper. It consolidates orders from various delivery platforms, provides menu synchronization across third-party marketplaces, and offers dynamic reporting for optimizing sales. Ordermark helps restaurants streamline operations and increase revenue with tools like Orders™, Sync™, and Insights™.

Founded: 2017

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Founded to address the challenges faced by restaurants in managing multiple online delivery platforms, Ordermark provides an integrated solution to streamline and optimize online ordering processes. Now a part of UrbanPiper, Ordermark consolidates orders from numerous delivery services into a single tablet interface, reducing operational complexity and improving efficiency. The platform offers several key products including Orders™, which centralizes all incoming orders, and Sync™, which allows for seamless menu management across various third-party marketplaces. Additionally, the Insights™ feature delivers comprehensive reporting and analytics, enabling restaurant owners to make data-driven decisions to enhance their online sales performance. Ordermark's system is designed to help restaurants generate additional revenue by utilizing existing kitchen capacity more effectively. With its user-friendly interface, 24/7 support, and robust integration capabilities, Ordermark is an invaluable tool for modern restaurants aiming to thrive in the competitive online food delivery market. Through its innovative technology and commitment to client success, Ordermark has established itself as a leader in the restaurant technology industry.

Management Team

Alex Canter CEO
Mike Bell COO
Paul Allen Chief Strategy Officer
Gary Abrams CIO
Arpan Desai CTO
Jay Fuhr Chief Admin Officer

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