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Orbital Insight is a pioneering geospatial analytics company that leverages artificial intelligence to interpret data from satellites, drones, balloons, and other sources. By analyzing these vast datasets, the company provides actionable insights to improve decision-making for industries ranging from energy and industrials to defense and intelligence. Their flagship platform, Orbital Insight GO, allows users to monitor global activities and trends in real time.

Founded: 2013

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Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley, Orbital Insight has emerged as a leader in the field of geospatial data analytics. The company's core product, the Orbital Insight GO platform, harnesses advanced machine learning algorithms to process billions of data points from satellite imagery, geolocation data, and other sensory inputs. This technology enables users to query specific types of activities, anywhere on Earth, and at any given time, thereby simplifying complex data analysis tasks. Orbital Insight's innovative solutions cater to a diverse range of sectors including energy, consumer goods, financial services, and national security. Their applications are crucial for activities such as monitoring supply chains, detecting industrial anomalies, and assessing real-time economic indicators. The company has established trust among high-profile clients like Unilever and the US Air Force, underscoring its capability to handle sensitive and substantial data requirements. The leadership team, composed of veterans from the tech and analytics sectors, drives the company's mission to "understand what is happening on and to the Earth." With a focus on enhancing visibility and traceability in global operations, Orbital Insight continues to expand its influence by providing insights that are not only comprehensive but also actionable, fostering better business and policy decisions globally. Their commitment to ethical data use and privacy is emphasized through their robust policies, making them a trusted partner in the geospatial analytics arena.

Management Team

James Crawford Founder, CTO
Kevin E O'Brien CEO
Jim Cook CFO
Jim Demetros SVP Sales
Jens Tellefsen SVP Product & Design
Glenn Sterenborg VP Product
Matt Falk VP Engineering

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