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OpenSpace is a pioneering provider of reality capture solutions tailored for the construction industry. Using advanced AI-powered analytics, OpenSpace offers tools like OpenSpace Capture, BIM+, and Track to enhance the building process from preconstruction through operations. Their technology facilitates faster, more accurate site documentation, risk reduction, and improved project coordination.

Founded: 2017

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Founded in San Francisco, OpenSpace is revolutionizing the construction industry through its innovative reality capture technology. Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, OpenSpace provides comprehensive site documentation solutions that help builders and project teams capture detailed, as-built records efficiently. Their flagship products, including OpenSpace Capture, BIM+, and Track, integrate seamlessly with project management software, enabling robust analytics and visualization capabilities. The technology works by attaching a camera to a hard hat or another convenient location, capturing continuous photographic data of a construction site which is then mapped to project plans. This process allows for real-time progress tracking, verification of work-in-place, and enhanced coordination among stakeholders, drastically reducing the time typically required for manual documentation and oversight. OpenSpace's solutions are trusted globally by industry leaders and have been implemented in over 33,000 projects worldwide. The company also emphasizes strong customer support and educational resources, including the OpenSpace Academy, to ensure users maximize the benefits of their technologies. As construction sites become increasingly digitized, OpenSpace is at the forefront, providing tools that not only capture the reality of the site but also empower teams to act decisively with the data at their disposal.

Management Team

Jeevan Kalanithi CEO, Co-Founder
Philip DeCamp CTO, Co-Founder
Michael Fleischman Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

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