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Onfido is a leader in digital identity verification, providing a comprehensive AI-powered solution to enhance customer trust and streamline the onboarding process. Their platform offers a suite of services including document, biometric, and data verification to ensure compliance with global KYC and AML regulations. Onfido's technology is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of acquiring customers while ensuring high security and compliance standards.

Founded: 2012

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Founded with a focus on building trust in an increasingly digital world, Onfido delivers advanced identity verification and authentication services through its proprietary Real Identity Platform. This platform integrates AI-driven checks with biometric analyses and document verification, offering businesses a robust method to authenticate users while complying with KYC and AML directives globally. Key products include Onfido Studio, Onfido Atlas, and the Smart Capture SDK, each designed to streamline customer verification processes without compromising on accuracy or security. Onfido was created by entrepreneurs who recognized the growing need for reliable digital identity solutions. The company has evolved to support diverse industries such as financial services, healthcare, and telecommunications, with a clear mandate to simplify user verification for better customer experience and fraud prevention. Onfido's technology stands out for its comprehensive approach to identity verification, combining advanced AI, real-time checks, and user-friendly interfaces to help businesses reduce fraud and increase efficiency. The integration of these technologies facilitates seamless user journeys, enhances security, and supports regulatory compliance, making Onfido a trusted partner for businesses looking to invest in high-quality identity verification solutions.

Management Team

Mike Tuchen CEO
Ruhal Amin Co-Founder and Chief Architect
Faisal Chughtai CFO
Terry Denzer CRO
Nello Franco CCO
Elisa Gilmartin CPO
Daniel Keller CTO
Yuelin Li CPO
Nate Skinner CMO

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