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OneTrust is a leader in trust intelligence, offering a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to manage privacy, data governance, ethics, and compliance effectively. Its solutions help businesses address various regulatory requirements, enhancing data management and security practices to build trust and achieve compliance.

Founded: 2016

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OneTrust, established as a frontrunner in the trust intelligence sector, provides an integrated platform designed to support organizations in managing privacy, governance, risk, compliance (GRC), ethics, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibilities. This platform is crafted to deliver visibility, actionability, and automation across these critical areas, assisting businesses in meeting complex regulatory demands and fostering a culture of ethical compliance. The company's offerings include tools for privacy management, data discovery and classification, consent and preference management, ethics program management, third-party due diligence, and technology risk and compliance, among others. OneTrust caters to a wide range of industries, tailoring its solutions to the specific needs of each sector, from healthcare to finance, ensuring that organizations can tackle the unique challenges they face. OneTrust's origins trace back to its foundation by Kabir Barday, who now serves as the CEO. Under his leadership, the company has significantly expanded its reach, servicing over 14,000 customers worldwide, including a majority of the Fortune 100 companies. OneTrust has been recognized as a leader in privacy management software by major analyst firms and has developed over 300 patents under its name, emphasizing its commitment to innovation in trust technology. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with multiple global offices, OneTrust continues to drive advancements in trust technology. The firm's commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions is evident in its dynamic product offerings and robust customer base. OneTrust's dedication to enhancing how organizations manage and secure data is pivotal in its mission to transform trust into a strategic advantage for businesses worldwide.

Management Team

Kabir Barday CEO
Caroline Thrower Chief of Staff
John Marshall Co-Chairman
Alan Dabbiere Co-Chairman
Blake Brannon CTO
Andrew Clearwater Chief Privacy Officer
JP Halebeed Chief Engineering Officer
Kevin Kiley Chief Revenue Officer

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