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OneLogin offers comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) solutions designed to secure and simplify the technology infrastructures of businesses. Their services include single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication, advanced directory services, and identity lifecycle management, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and protect against cybersecurity threats.

Founded: 2009

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OneLogin Company Overview

OneLogin, founded in 2009 by brothers Thomas and Christian Pedersen, specializes in cloud-based identity and access management services. This platform has become pivotal for organizations aiming to enhance security and streamline user access across multiple systems. OneLogin's product suite is robust, featuring tools such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Advanced Directory. These products are designed to manage and secure user access across an organization’s systems and applications, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches while promoting efficiency. Their OneLogin Access offering extends these capabilities to on-premise and cloud environments, ensuring secure and seamless access regardless of location. The company’s identity solutions cater to both workforce and customer identities, which is a dual approach that differentiates OneLogin in the crowded IAM market. OneLogin's solutions are tailored for a variety of industries including technology, education, and healthcare, illustrating its versatility and broad appeal. Their platform integrates with over 6,000 applications, demonstrating an extensive compatibility that facilitates smooth implementations. OneLogin has garnered significant industry recognition for its leadership in access management, a testament to its innovative capabilities. This innovation is particularly evident in its development of AI-driven technologies such as Vigilance AI and SmartFactor Authentication, which utilize machine learning to proactively address and prevent security threats. OneLogin emphasizes ease of use and swift deployment, appealing to businesses looking for rapid time-to-value. Its pricing model, which offers both bundled and à la carte options, ensures flexibility for organizations of varying sizes and budgets. This customer-centric approach, combined with robust functionality and strong industry partnerships, positions OneLogin as a leader in its field, trusted by companies globally to protect their digital assets.

Management Team

Mark Logan CEO
Brian Chapel Head of Product
Larry Chinski Vice President, Corporate Strategy
Andrew Clark Global Head of Channel and Alliances

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