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OneFootball is a leading digital platform dedicated to football fans, offering live scores, news, statistics, and video content from over 100 international soccer leagues. It provides personalized content, live streaming without subscription, and premium advertising experiences, connecting millions of fans globally with the sport they love.

Founded: 2008

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OneFootball is a pioneering digital platform that reshapes how football fans engage with their favorite sport. Catering to over 100 international leagues, it provides real-time scores, in-depth statistics, breaking news, and exclusive video content, all tailored to individual user preferences. The platform’s accessibility is enhanced by live streaming services that do not require a subscription, ensuring fans can watch their favorite matches anytime, anywhere. OneFootball boasts a community of over 100 million active users each month, highlighting its global reach and influence. The platform’s success is rooted in its ability to deliver personalized, high-quality content, which is further enriched by its unique approach to advertising. By offering a premium, non-intrusive ad experience, OneFootball creates a mutually beneficial environment for both users and advertisers. This innovative approach allows partners to connect with a young, engaged audience while gaining valuable insights through detailed data analytics. Key to OneFootball’s appeal is its continuous innovation and adaptation to the changing landscape of football consumption. The platform draws inspiration from the entertainment industry, reimagining how fans interact with football content. By focusing on user-generated needs, OneFootball ensures a dynamic and engaging experience, making it the go-to source for football enthusiasts around the world. OneFootball’s offerings include a personalized news feed, original club content, and a range of exclusive features that enhance the fan experience. Additionally, the platform’s commitment to maintaining a high-quality, safe environment—free from piracy, hate speech, and unauthorized content—ensures a trustworthy and enjoyable user experience. Overall, OneFootball stands out as a leading force in digital sports media, continually evolving to meet the demands of modern football fans and solidifying its position as the ultimate destination for all things football.

Management Team

Lucas Von Cranach Co-Founder, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Joerg Meiner Chief Financial Officer
Franz Koch Chief Operating Officer
Renato Todorov Chief Technology Officer
Kerstin Brelie Chief People Officer & CCO
Patrick Fischer Chief Business Officer
Ismail Elshareef Chief Product Officer

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