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Nylas is an innovative technology company specializing in unified communication APIs that facilitate streamlined interactions across email, calendar, and contact applications. Its solutions empower developers to integrate communication functions easily into their applications, enhancing efficiency and reducing development time.

Founded: 2013

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Founded with the vision to simplify complex communication systems, Nylas provides robust APIs that enable seamless integration across various communication platforms. The company's flagship products include the Email API, Calendar API, and Contacts API, which allow for efficient synchronization and management of communications within apps. These APIs are designed to save developers significant time and resources by providing a unified approach to handling emails, scheduling, and contacts management. Nylas was established to address the growing need for integrated communication tools that can adapt to various programming environments. The platform supports multiple programming languages, making it accessible to a broad range of developers. The company has quickly become a trusted partner for over 250,000 developers globally, thanks to its reliable performance and commitment to security, which includes compliance with leading industry standards. The firm has gained a reputation for its developer-friendly approach, offering extensive documentation, SDKs, and real-time support to ensure developers can implement its APIs with minimal hassle. Nylas prides itself on its ability to enhance product functionality and streamline workflow processes, which is evident in its partnerships with major brands like Upwork, Salesloft, and Dialpad. These collaborations have allowed businesses to implement sophisticated communication tools that boost efficiency and improve user experiences. Nylas emphasizes security within its APIs, with robust features that ensure data integrity and privacy. The company's enterprise-grade security is backed by a historical uptime of 99.9%, underlining its reliability and performance capabilities. As it continues to innovate, Nylas remains at the forefront of the communication technology sector, providing solutions that redefine how businesses interact and communicate digitally.

Management Team

Gleb Polyakov Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Waifa Chau Chief Financial Officer
Christine Spang Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Jesse Ervin Chief Revenue Officer

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