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Nuro is a pioneering robotics company focused on revolutionizing local commerce with autonomous delivery vehicles. Their AI-driven technology aims to create safer streets and more efficient deliveries by deploying driverless vehicles on public roads. Nuro's innovative solutions enhance urban mobility while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

Founded: 2016

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Nuro Company Overview

Nuro is an innovative robotics company dedicated to transforming local commerce through the deployment of autonomous delivery vehicles. The company leverages advanced AI and robotics technology to develop driverless vehicles that are designed to make deliveries safer and more efficient. Nuro's flagship product, the Nuro Driver™, is an AI-first autonomy system that has been tested on public roads across multiple states. This system ensures rapid improvements in perception and behavior, contributing to smarter and safer driving. Nuro's vehicles are specifically designed for goods delivery rather than passenger transport, addressing a unique market need. They have received significant regulatory milestones, including an exemption from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), marking them as the first autonomous vehicle company to achieve this status. Nuro’s commitment to safety is evident in their redundant autonomy architecture, which minimizes the risk of single points of failure, ensuring reliable and secure operations. Sustainability is also a core value for Nuro. The company uses 100% renewable electricity from wind farms in Texas to power its battery-electric vehicles and facilities. This commitment to green energy aligns with their broader goal of reducing the environmental impact of urban transportation. With ongoing partnerships and continuous innovation, Nuro is at the forefront of the autonomous delivery industry, aiming to enhance everyday life through robotics. Their progress and dedication to safer, smarter, and more sustainable deliveries position them as leaders in the field of autonomous technology.

Management Team

Jiajun Zhu Co-Founder
Dave Ferguson Co-Founder

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