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Notarize, now operating under its parent company Proof, leads in online notarization services, providing a platform for individuals, businesses, and notaries to execute legally valid notarizations remotely. Utilizing state-of-the-art identity verification and document processing technologies, Notarize offers a user-friendly, secure, and accessible way to handle important documents 24/7.

Founded: 2015

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Founded to transform the traditional notarization process, Notarize introduces an innovative online platform that streamlines the notarization of documents by connecting users with notaries electronically, available round-the-clock. This service is a boon for individuals needing quick notarizations, businesses aiming for efficiency in document processing, and notaries seeking flexible work schedules. The journey of Notarize began with a vision to leverage technology for simplifying legal formalities involved in notarizing documents. The platform ensures legal compliance by using advanced identity verification technologies and providing a secure environment for document handling. Users can upload documents, verify their identities, and connect with a notary via video call, making the process efficient and user-friendly. Key services include notarizations for various documents like affidavits, power of attorney, and travel consents, catering to diverse needs such as real estate transactions and legal attestations. Notarize has also established partnerships with numerous prominent companies, enhancing its reliability and scope of service. The founders, industry professionals experienced in technology and legal services, focused on creating a solution that not only meets legal standards but also addresses user convenience and accessibility. This customer-centered approach is reflected in their intuitive web interface and mobile applications, which are designed to facilitate seamless interactions between users and notaries. As part of its expansion and to further solidify its market position, Notarize merged into Proof, a broader platform envisioned to encompass various facets of online transactions requiring verified identities. This transition signifies Notarize's growth from a specialized service into a comprehensive solution for digital transactions, ensuring trust and security in the increasingly digital landscape of legal and formal exchanges. Throughout its operation, Notarize has consistently received high ratings from users, underscoring its effectiveness and the positive impact of its services on the day-to-day legal formalities faced by individuals and companies alike.

Management Team

Pat Kinsel Founder, President
Eric Fleischman CTO
Kim Rose Chief Customer Officer

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