Noodle Analytics, Inc.

Big Data Stock specializes in artificial intelligence solutions for optimizing supply chain management. Leveraging advanced analytics and decision intelligence platforms, the company helps businesses manage supply chain uncertainties, enhance decision-making, and improve economic and environmental outcomes through a probabilistic approach to challenges in production, distribution, and demand.

Founded: 2016 Website Company Overview

Founded with the vision of reducing waste and enhancing efficiency in supply chain processes, is a pioneering force in the field of enterprise artificial intelligence. The company employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to transform how businesses handle uncertainty and make decisions in supply chain management.’s suite of products includes advanced analytics tools that assist supply chain executives in embracing the complexities of modern logistics with confidence. By adopting a probabilistic approach, similar to techniques used by professional gamblers, the company helps its clients consistently make risk-adjusted decisions likely to yield positive outcomes. The founders of have combined their extensive expertise in AI, machine learning, and operations research to create a unique platform that not only boosts profitability but also contributes to environmental sustainability by minimizing waste. This approach has proven successful in various industries, helping numerous companies improve performance and customer satisfaction. As a recognized leader in the field, continues to expand its impact by providing systems of intelligence that empower businesses to navigate the complexities of supply chains more effectively.

Management Team

Stephen Pratt Co-Founder and CEO
Hyungil Ahn Chief Data Science Officer
Tim Krug CRO
Mahriah Alf Chief Product Officer
Anil Kumar CFO
Martha McGaw Chief Talent Officer
Gaurav Palta Chief Customer Success Officer

Funding Information