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NEXT Trucking revolutionizes freight management by connecting shippers, carriers, and owner-operators through an innovative digital platform. Offering real-time tracking, transparent communication, and optimized load assignments, NEXT aims to streamline logistics, reduce costs, and increase earnings for all parties involved.

Founded: 2015

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NEXT Trucking Company Overview

NEXT Trucking, established to innovate the trucking and logistics industry, offers a comprehensive digital platform that bridges shippers, carriers, and owner-operators. By integrating advanced technology, NEXT streamlines the traditionally cumbersome processes of freight management, providing a seamless and efficient logistics experience. The core of NEXT's offering is its robust digital platform, which provides real-time tracking, proactive communication, and optimized load assignments. Shippers can benefit from a substantial reduction in fees and penalties, thanks to the platform's transparency and efficiency. They have access to clear and direct communication channels with drivers, enabling them to manage expectations and operations more effectively. The extensive network of qualified carriers ensures that shippers can always find reliable partners for their freight needs. Owner-operators find NEXT's platform particularly advantageous as it provides immediate access to a wide range of loads that fit their schedules. This capability maximizes their earnings and ensures a steady stream of work. The platform's user-friendly interface allows them to manage their workload efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. For fleet dispatchers, NEXT offers tools that make load management and progress tracking more straightforward, contributing to overall operational smoothness. NEXT Trucking was founded by Lidia Yan and Elton Chung, who envisioned a smarter, more efficient logistics industry. Their commitment to leveraging technology to reduce logistical burdens is evident in NEXT's continuous platform enhancements. The company's dedication to customer feedback ensures that the platform evolves to meet the needs of its users, fostering a strong sense of partnership and collaboration. NEXT Trucking's customer-centric approach has established it as a leader in the digital transformation of the trucking industry. By focusing on technological innovation and user satisfaction, NEXT continues to drive growth and efficiency in logistics, setting new standards for the industry.

Management Team

Lidia Yan CEO
Timothy Danaher CFO

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