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Newfront is a modern insurance brokerage that revolutionizes risk management and business insurance with a blend of expert service and cutting-edge technology. Catering to a broad spectrum of industries, Newfront offers customized insurance products and risk solutions to over 14,000 clients, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance client experiences and outcomes.

Founded: 2017

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Founded with the mission to modernize the insurance industry, Newfront distinguishes itself by integrating advanced technology with traditional brokerage services. This innovative approach not only simplifies the insurance process but also enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of risk management, making Newfront a leader in the sector. Newfront offers a comprehensive range of insurance products including casualty, property, cyber risk, and workers’ compensation, as well as specialized services like risk analytics and claims advocacy. The company caters to various industries such as technology, healthcare, education, and more, providing tailored solutions that address the unique risks and challenges of each sector. The leadership team at Newfront, comprising seasoned professionals with deep industry expertise, drives the company’s vision of de-risking human progress through technology. By employing tools like AI and predictive analytics, Newfront not only improves the efficiency of service delivery but also empowers clients with proactive insights into risk management. With a strong commitment to client service, Newfront has established a robust infrastructure that supports clients 24/7, ensuring continuous access to insurance services and data through a secure, user-friendly platform. This dedication to innovation and client satisfaction has positioned Newfront as a trusted partner for businesses looking to navigate the complexities of insurance and risk in the digital age.

Management Team

Spike Lipkin Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Brian Hetherington President
Alex Ip Chief Financial Officer
Michael Brown Chief Operating Officer
Gordon Wintrob Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Aaron Forth Chief Product Officer
Paige Maisonet Head of People
Bethany Hale Chief Marketing Officer
Aaron Forth Chief Product Officer

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