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Netskope is a leader in cloud security, providing innovative solutions that enhance data and network security across enterprise environments. Their platform supports organizations in managing security risks, data protection, and regulatory compliance, while ensuring safe and efficient cloud transformation and remote workforce support.

Founded: 2012

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Netskope Company Overview

Founded with the vision to provide comprehensive security for fast-evolving enterprise environments, Netskope offers a unified platform that integrates advanced security solutions such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Zero Trust principles. The company distinguishes itself by emphasizing a cloud-native approach, which enables scalable and flexible security solutions that align with modern business needs. Netskope's platform is designed to offer visibility and control over sensitive data across various cloud services, private applications, and devices, effectively addressing the security challenges posed by the digital transformation. Serving over 3,000 customers worldwide, including many Fortune 100 companies, Netskope has established itself as a trusted partner in enterprise security. The company’s solutions are pivotal for organizations aiming to protect against advanced threats and data breaches while facilitating secure cloud migration and remote access capabilities. Furthermore, Netskope’s leadership in innovation is continually recognized in the industry, underscored by their consistent ranking as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond technology solutions, as they actively engage in strategic partnerships and community initiatives, enhancing their offerings and supporting sustainability in the tech industry. By prioritizing customer success and operational excellence, Netskope stands out as a pivotal force in advancing enterprise security solutions in a cloud-centric world.

Management Team

Sanjay Beri CEO
Drew Del Matto CFO
Krishna Narayanaswamy CTO
Ravi Ithal Chief Architect
Lamont Orange Chief Information Security Officer
David Wu Chief Development Officer
Jason Clark Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer
Jim Bushnell General Counsel
Chris Andrews SVP, Worldwide Sales
Sharon Strong Head of Human Resources
Joe DePalo SVP, Platform Engineering and Operations

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