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Neteera offers advanced contactless remote patient monitoring solutions. Their technology captures vital signs and behavioral parameters without physical contact, enhancing patient care and early detection of health issues. Neteera's platform integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows, supporting health systems, hospitals, senior care, and home care environments.

Neteera Technologies Company Overview

Founded to revolutionize healthcare, Neteera Technologies Ltd. specializes in contactless remote patient monitoring solutions. Utilizing precision sensing technology, Neteera's platform captures vital signs and behavioral parameters without the need for physical contact or intrusive devices. This innovative approach enhances patient comfort and privacy, making it ideal for diverse healthcare settings, including hospitals, senior care facilities, and home care. Neteera's FDA-cleared solution features a non-wearable sensor that provides continuous and seamless monitoring, integrating effortlessly into existing clinical workflows. This technology offers real-time insights into patient health, enabling healthcare providers to detect early warning signs and optimize care delivery. By leveraging data and advanced analytics, Neteera helps improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency. The company's product, Neteera 130H-Plus, is designed to streamline care through its user-friendly interface and passive monitoring capabilities. The platform supports uninterrupted patient rest and enhances privacy by eliminating the need for cameras or wires. Neteera's mission is to empower healthcare providers and patients with cutting-edge tools for proactive and personalized care. Based in Jerusalem, Israel, and with a U.S. office in Delaware, Neteera continues to expand its impact globally. The company collaborates with various healthcare systems, hospitals, and long-term care facilities, establishing itself as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. Through its commitment to innovation and excellence, Neteera aims to transform the way healthcare is delivered, making it more accessible, efficient, and effective.

Management Team

Isaac Litman CEO
Shimon Steinberger CTO
Ilya Vatsel SVP Operations & Engineering
Sigalit Avraham Portner Director of IP and Legal Affairs
Jean-Marc Blum VP Sales & Marketing
Lital Alon Algorithms and Software Projects Leader

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