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Neo4j is a premier provider of graph database technology, tailored to help organizations unlock the full potential of their data through visualization and analytics. Their comprehensive suite, including the flagship Neo4j Graph Database, cloud service Neo4j AuraDB, and the Neo4j Graph Data Science platform, empowers a myriad of industries to innovate and improve decision-making through advanced data connectivity and insights.

Founded: 2007

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Neo4J Company Overview

Neo4j, Inc. is a pioneer in the field of graph database technology with its revolutionary approach to managing connected data. The company's core offering, the Neo4j Graph Database, provides a powerful platform for mapping and querying complex networks of data. It uses the Cypher query language, developed specifically for graph databases, to allow users to efficiently retrieve and interpret data relationships. Neo4j expanded its product lineup with Neo4j AuraDB, a fully-managed cloud-based service that simplifies the deployment and management of graph databases, allowing businesses to focus on deriving insights rather than on infrastructure. Additionally, the Neo4j Graph Data Science platform is tailored for data scientists looking to enhance machine learning models and perform advanced analytics by exploiting the inherent connections within data. The founders, Emil Eifrem and Johan Svensson, were driven by the limitations of traditional databases when dealing with interconnected information. Their vision was to make it easier for developers and businesses to visualize and analyze the relationships in their data, leading to better decision-making and innovative applications. Neo4j has a global footprint, with a vibrant community of developers and a broad ecosystem of partners and academic collaborators. It offers extensive learning resources through its GraphAcademy, which provides courses and certifications to foster expertise in graph technology. The company also organizes and participates in numerous conferences to further the adoption and understanding of graph databases. Industries ranging from finance to healthcare leverage Neo4j’s capabilities for applications like fraud detection, recommendation systems, and knowledge graphs. Its impact is reflected in its adoption by major organizations worldwide, which rely on Neo4j to power their critical applications and achieve competitive advantage through enhanced data intelligence.

Management Team

Emil Eifrem CEO
Lars Nordwall COO, President of Field Operations
Mike Asher CFO
Philip Rathle SVP, Products
Kristin Thornby Chief People Officer
Jim Webber Chief Scientist
Magnus Vejlstrup SVP, Engineering
Chandra Rangan CMO
Gopal Nagarajan VP of Worldwide Professional Services, Customer Support, and Customer Success

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