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Navan is a premier provider of integrated business travel and expense management solutions. Their platform optimizes the travel experience for organizations by combining innovative technology with user-friendly features to enhance efficiency and control. Navan offers tools for streamlined travel booking, automated expense management, and real-time financial oversight, serving a broad range of clients from startups to multinational corporations.

Founded: 2015

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Navan Company Overview

Navan specializes in offering comprehensive travel and expense management solutions designed to simplify corporate travel and automate expense processes. The platform is strategically crafted to address the needs of various stakeholders, including travel managers, finance teams, and travelers themselves, providing them with tools to book travel, manage expenses, and gain visibility into spending and savings. Navan's technology integrates travel booking with expense management, allowing employees to manage both through a single interface. This integration helps companies enforce travel policies, control costs, and streamline expense reporting. Navan's system supports connections with corporate cards, making reconciliation processes automatic and hassle-free. The company has established itself as a key player in the market by ensuring their platform not only meets the operational needs of its users but also provides strategic insights that help businesses manage their travel expenses more effectively. With a focus on user experience, Navan incorporates features like mobile access, real-time data analytics, and personalized booking options. Navan's clientele includes well-known global brands, reflecting its strong market position and the trust businesses place in its solutions. The platform's adaptability allows it to serve diverse industries and company sizes, making it a versatile choice for managing corporate travel and expenses worldwide.

Management Team

Ariel Cohen CEO, Co-Founder
Ilan Twig CTO, Co-Founder
Thomas Tuchscherer Chief People & Financial Officer
Grant McGrail CRO
Fred Stratford Chief Executive Officer, Reed & Mackay, A Navan Company
Whitnee Hawthorne Chief Customer Officer
Daniel Finkel Chief Commercial Officer

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