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Narvar is a leading post-purchase platform that enhances customer experiences for e-commerce businesses. It offers solutions for order tracking, delivery notifications, returns, and exchanges, utilizing AI and machine learning to provide actionable insights. Trusted by thousands of retailers globally, Narvar aims to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency through a comprehensive, integrated platform.

Founded: 2012

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Narvar is a pioneering company in the post-purchase customer experience space. Headquartered in San Francisco, Narvar also has offices in New York, Atlanta, Austin, London, Bangalore, and Tokyo, serving clients across seven countries and four continents. The company was established with a vision to create a seamless post-purchase experience that fosters brand loyalty and operational excellence for retailers. Narvar's suite of products includes solutions for tracking orders, sending proactive notifications, managing returns and exchanges, and monitoring delivery performance. The platform leverages AI and machine learning to offer highly accurate delivery date estimates, personalized order updates, and seamless return processes. These tools are designed to boost customer satisfaction by providing transparency and convenience throughout the post-purchase journey. The Narvar Network, a robust ecosystem of thousands of retailers, carriers, and partners, processing billions of interactions annually. This network enables Narvar to deliver predictive and actionable insights that enhance business outcomes and improve the customer experience. With support for hundreds of carriers worldwide and integration with dozens of platforms, Narvar offers versatile solutions adaptable to various business needs. The company’s services have proven to reduce customer inquiries, increase customer retention, and drive additional revenue through enhanced post-purchase interactions. As an industry leader, Narvar continues to innovate and expand its capabilities, ensuring it remains at the forefront of post-purchase customer experience management.